Wallpaper Engine APK

Name Wallpaper Engine
Genres APK > Animation & Modeling, Casual, Design & Illustration, Indie, Photo Editing, Utilities
Developers Wallpaper Engine Team
Publishers Wallpaper Engine Team
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Released Nov 2018

Wallpaper Engine v2.8 APK + OBB Download

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Wallpaper Engine v2.8 APK + OBB Download
Wallpaper Engine v2.8 APK + OBB Download
Wallpaper Engine v2.8 APK + OBB Download

Wallpaper Engine Game Overview


Love fancy wallpapers on your phone? Do you absolutely have a craze for complex animated wallpapers and it gives you a great rush? It is time you get yourself familiar with the wallpaper engine. If you haven’t heard of it before, it is an application that mainly helps users in creating animated wallpapers from static images.

How hard is the wallpaper engine?

There are tons of photo editor apps out there that help people create different kinds of imagery. However, even if you are looking to photoshop something, you will need to seek help. Because come to talk of it, we are not all tech-savvy. This is where the wallpaper engine makes a thumping mark.

This editor is remarkably easy to use and you don’t need to sweat it out when you are looking to create complex animations here. No matter, whether you want to make 2D or even 3D wallpaper for that matter, you can do it with ease. This is one such portal that has managed to create a huge fan base for itself.

While it is designed mainly for Windows, you have a companion app on Android as well. So, feel free to make use of this application and churn out an endless amount of wallpapers for your use.

How to share the wallpapers?

The wallpapers that you create can be shared using the Steam Workshop function. Further, they are also available for download under the category user created. So, not only can you create amazing wallpapers for yourself, but you can also show it off to your peers.

Most people who have chosen to use this application rated it positively. This is because it has focussed on all the core points in the perfect way. So, if photo editing is something you will like to try your hand at, we now have told you the best way to do so. Trust us, it is so much simpler than Photoshop that you are going to recommend it all the time as well.

Download it right away and give it a go. We are sure you will not be disappointed.


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