Squad APK

Name Squad
Genres APK > Action, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Strategy
Developers Offworld Industries
Publishers Offworld Industries
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Released Sep 23, 2020

Squad v3.12 APK + OBB Download

Game Screenshots

Squad v3.12 APK + OBB Download
Squad v3.12 APK + OBB Download
Squad v3.12 APK + OBB Download

Squad Game Overview


If you love military-style combat-based games, the squad is one of the top choices that you can ask for. It is a tactical game that was exclusively available on Steam. The game received largely positive reviews and has a good fan base. A lot of people are huge fans of the gameplay and can be seen spending large hours while playing.

The game details

In this game, there are two different teams. Each one of them can have a maximum of 9 players. There are different solider classes and each class has their own distinct set of skills and traits. It is upon you to analyze the different skills and then pick the soldiers accordingly. This will allow you to make a really strong team. This in turn maximises the chance of securing a win.

There will be a squad leader whose work is to take into account the whole team and get them moving and ensure the right communication is established. There are a lot of things you need to do. You can construct forward operating bases, make defensive emplacements to avoid attack and protect yourself and do a whole lot more.

Engaging gameplay

Those who are wondering how engaging this game is need to know that it surely knows how to hook the gamers. It comes with some of the best game sequences and the right action scenes. The graphics is on point as well and allows you to truly draw attention.

If you take a look at the interface, you will find that it has been neatly done. The developers left no stone unturned when it comes to designing the game. The game comes with some very good design elements and is a great choice for playing.

The overall reviews that poured in for this game are pretty positive. Gamers were happy with what this game offered and it was true to the promise. The game did a decent business too. So, if you are in for tactical shooting games that teaches you several other things as well, make it a point to check out what this one has to offer.

We are sure that you are going to love this one too. So, download it and have a go.


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