Sons Of The Forest APK

Name Sons Of The Forest
Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Simulation
Developers Endnight Games Ltd
Publishers Newnight
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Released Feb 23, 2023

Sons Of The Forest v1.4 Game for Android free

Game Screenshots

Sons Of The Forest v1.4 Game for Android free
Sons Of The Forest v1.4 Game for Android free
Sons Of The Forest v1.4 Game for Android free

Sons Of The Forest Game Overview


Sons of the Forest is a top-notch survival video game. This is a sequel to the previous version and has managed to gain the right buzz and traction. The developers have put in a lot of effort to ensure that gamers get hooked to it. Survival games are a rage these days and this one is no different. It brings in the right kind of elements and has an interactive interface to draw the players in.

The plot line for the game

In this game, the players essay the role of the protagonist who ends up being stranded all along on an island. To make matters worse, this island is filled with cannibals and so you have to be extra cautious and work on both your attack and defence skills together. You will need to make weapons for attack and buildings for shelter so that you have a place to stay.

The game will require you to polish different skills and make several strategies simultaneously.

The friendly allies

In order to make your journey somewhat easier and much more fun, you will find a lot of new allies in this game. You have a companion called Kevin who is deaf and mute. You can give him instructions written on paper and he will definitely help you out. Similarly, you also have Virginia who is a three-legged and three-armed woman. She comes with a lot of weapons and will help you in different types of battle situations.

So, the game surely knows how to draw gamers with different kinds of features and antics.

The multiplayer mode

The game comes with a super competitive multiplayer mode. As many as eight players can take part in the co-op multiplayer mode and thereby lock horns and even team up to rescue themselves and each other. The overall graphics and the plot line have been praised on several occasions.

Reviews and feedback

The game did a very good business and was the most wish-listed game on Steam. Gamers were waiting with bated breath for the release of this survival series and it seemed like it was worth the wait. The game managed to sell more than 2 million copies within a day of its release and everyone went into a frenzy. Even a few days after its release, sons of the Forest seemed like the only game that people were playing.

So, if you too would like to join the bandwagon and be a part of this race to know what makes this game so special, download it right now. We are sure you are going to be hooked on it. So, feel free to check out this ultimate survival game and be lost in this unknown land surrounded by cannibals.


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