Slay the Spire APK

Name Slay the Spire
Genres APK > Indie, Strategy
Developers Mega Crit Games
Publishers Mega Crit Games
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Released Jan 23, 2019

Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download

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Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download
Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download
Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download
Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download
Slay the Spire v4.8 APK + OBB Download

Slay the Spire Game Overview


Slay the Spire was officially released in 2019 though it was available for early access a couple of years earlier. It is a deck-building video game that managed to create the right buzz and is a huge favourite among a large section of gamers.

Dual elements of the game

This video game is known for having dual elements packed into it. While it is primarily like a deck-building card game, one cannot ignore the fact that the overall progress of the game is pretty rogue-like.

There are as many as four different characters and the players need to choose one among them. You will be given an initial deck of cards, gold, health level and a starting relic as well. It is upon you to assess your starting worth and then take the risk accordingly.

The spire levels

There are different levels of the spire and as a player, you need to keep adding to the spire. This will help you further your game significantly. You will find a boss character at the end of each level and you need to find the best ways to deal with the troubles and difficulties that will pop in your way.

It is your duty and responsibility to make sure that you are understanding the different moves involved in the game and working accordingly.

The Enemies

You will find both monsters and enemies in your way. As you will try to dodge them, you have to be careful in your quest. You can choose to upgrade the cards so as to strengthen yourself. There are campfires for healing and tons of other ways by which you can rejuvenate yourself.

You also have shopkeepers selling different kinds of potions. So, you have to understand the specifics very well. This will give you a better idea of how to navigate in the game a lot more smoothly.

Most gamers who have chosen to play this game have been extremely happy and pleased. It received mostly positive reviews as people found the game to be different, unique, and innovative at the same time. It has allowed gamers to truly understand the right ways by which they can champion their cause by playing it.

So, try your hand at it right away!


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