Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition APK

Name Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition
Genres APK > Action, Adventure
Developers Rare Ltd
Publishers Xbox Game Studios
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Released 3/jun./2020

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Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition v4.5 Android Game APK Download
Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition v4.5 Android Game APK Download

Sea of Thieves 2023 Edition Game Overview

Sea of thieves is a top notch action adventure game. Just as the name implies, this game involves the journey of a pirate and takes you on a treasure hunt to different areas and land. You can choose to play this game in single and multi player mode. The option is wide open for you and you can choose whatever you want.

The game rules and details

You essay the role of a pirate who will go on different voyages. There are several trading companies that sponsor these voyages and each will take you on a journey full of exploration and adventure.

You can choose to team up with other players and be a part of the adventure. You can side with them or try to bring them down. There are options galore in this game. This game makes use of a progression system wherein you will unlock different types of cosmetic items. If you are playing solo, you will have a small ship. Those who choose to play in group will have access to a larger ship. The game takes place in a shared world and thus the difference between the ship based on number of players boarding it.

You will be given a treasure map that you need to bear in mind during your quest. Your work is to look at the voyage pattern and try to unlock the treasure. Finding the right gems and jewels are the key reasons you take the voyage. This is why you have to be on an alert at all time.

The overall reviews

This game got mixed reviews from gamers. The visuals, graphics, and the physics has been praised, but the game play hasn’t really managed to make quite a mark. People found the gameplay to be very sloppy and it needed the right kind of improvement. So you need to factor the details and find if it is the type of game you will like to involve yourself in. The baseline remains the fact that it is one of those games that is worth a round of try.

You can play the game and see if it engages you. While it isn’t the bestselling game you were hoping for, it is still a good one nonetheless. There are gamers who are hooked to it. If not for anything else, you will love the exploration feature and the adrenaline kick of looking for a treasure.

We truly recommend this game as a one time try.


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