Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Early Access, Indie, Massively Multiplayer
Developers Gamepires
Publishers Jagex Ltd
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Released Aug 29, 2018

SCUM v3.11 Android Game APK Download

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SCUM v3.11 Android Game APK Download
SCUM v3.11 Android Game APK Download
SCUM v3.11 Android Game APK Download
SCUM v3.11 Android Game APK Download

SCUM Game Overview


Scum is an excellent online survival game which is played in an open world. The game did manage to impress a lot of gamers and it helps the players hooked. The developers have taken care of a lot of points for the sake of ensuring that this game pans out well. Like most survival games, this one too asks the players to dodge the opponent’s attack and kill others so as to survive on the island. There will be scarcity of resources and you need to pile them for your safety.

The moves of the game

As a player, you will find yourself landing on an island in Croatia. There are several players here who are battling it out in their bid to survive. The implant is removed as soon as you land and this prevents the players from leaving. So, it is all about dying or winning at the end.

The game will test a lot of your skills. There are going to be several events that will involve different kinds of action. Each of these actions will help you earn fame points. An interesting thing about the fame point is that it will help you clone back to normal life even after you have died. This is a revolutionary gaming feature and helps you considerably when you are engaged in this game.

The depth of the characters

The different characters present in this game possess different types of skills. From strength to dexterity, intelligence, and even constitution; you will find gamers looking for these in the characters.

You can make a mix of these skills and thereby make the right characters as per your need and wants. There are several health elements of the character you need to check for ensuring survival. This includes health details, vitamins and more. So, the game truly gives you an all-around perspective on what survival is all about.

You will find yourself trying a lot of different moves and actions for the sake of making it alive on this dangerous island.

The game managed to get some of the best reviews. Gamers were very impressed by what it has to offer. The overall graphics and sound effects are pretty neat and on point. So, download this game right away and see how hooked you are to it. Don’t complain if you end up playing it all day long.


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