Satisfactory APK

Name Satisfactory
Genres APK > Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developers Coffee Stain Studios
Publishers Coffee Stain Publishing
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Released 8/jun./2020

Satisfactory v1.6 Android Game APK Download

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Satisfactory v1.6 Android Game APK Download
Satisfactory v1.6 Android Game APK Download
Satisfactory v1.6 Android Game APK Download
Satisfactory v1.6 Android Game APK Download

Satisfactory Game Overview


Satisfactory is an upcoming video game that will take place in a first-person open world. It is mainly a factory simulation game where you will find yourself in an alien land. You will have access to some basic tools and you need to work your way and find out what will truly work and make the different factory models and engage in other construction.

The construction role

The different factories you need to make are going to be increasingly complex. The purpose and aim of creating these factories is to ensure that you can automate most of the tasks. This will simplify your work and thereby give you an edge over your competitors.

At the very beginning, you will face the task of making a space elevator. You have to understand the mechanics of what to make and how to supply. Every level is interweaved in this way and helps you truly make the right mark in the next segment.

There are four different starting locations to choose from. Each one of them has something promising to offer and you can kickstart your journey on any of it. However, the choice you make will have a bearing on the type and amount of resources you will be able to access. It is upon you to ascertain these details and then make the right decision. The game does give you the option to jump to any other map as and when desired.

Keep unlocking and exploring

As the game proceeds further, you need to explore and unlock different achievements. This is precisely how the game will venture ahead and you need to keep doing this to continue wit. The work. We believe that with the right help and rules, you will be able to get the right head start into the game.

Even when it comes to graphic elements, the game developers have left no stone unturned. It seems like you will be drawn to the game because it does come with a lot of interactive and engaging elements. It is one of those methodically planned games that has considered all points duly during the development phase.

The different terrains come with very minute details. This will help you mind the detailing and factors and give you a kickstart into understanding the game core segments.

Even with the early access, the game managed to click a very heavy sales number. This game managed to sell more than 500,000 copies when released for early release. The gamers just can’t wait to have their hands on this one. We are sure it will be a triumphant hit.

If you too like this kind of game, we will recommend you to take a look.


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