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Developers KRAFTON, Inc.
Publishers KRAFTON, Inc.
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Released Dec 21, 2017

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PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS v3.3 Android Game APK Download
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS v3.3 Android Game APK Download
PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS v3.3 Android Game APK Download


The PUBG as a game needs no introduction. PUBG battlegrounds hooked the whole gaming world immediately. It is one of the most epic shooter games of all time and created a frenzy along gamers as it was just too famous.

The movie mania

As we all know, PUBG Battlegrounds was inspired by the Japanese movie called battle royale. In this game, as many as a hundred different players land on an island and engage in a rampage. The game needs you to battle it out with each other and you have to scavenge on different kinds of weapons and try to kill the other one.

In the process, many times several gamers themselves meet a very painful virtual death. Therefore, the game is both a shooting and survival-based strategy game wherein you have to stay at the age of your seat at all times.

The response

The game managed to gain a phenomenal response. Gamers all over the world went crazy for it and it was downloaded massively. A lot of game merchandise was also made owing to the massive craze that followed.

Survival can get tough

This game needs careful and methodical planning at several stages. You have to understand the different moves. There are several paths and maps that you can use during landing. So, you have to check out the best ways by which you can jump from the plane and land to give you the best access to the resources.

You can choose to play the game solo or even team up with other people. The choice is entirely yours. Based on your preferences, you can choose whichever way you want to play this game. It is essentially the decision of the toughest gamer alive and you need to constantly keep protecting yourself.

The game is all about fighting and killing the rest while managing to save yourself. It is easier said than done and will need you to be fully focused at all times. So, you have to be sure that you are constantly keeping an eye on the right ways to make the most of the game.

The increasing complexity

The island area will keep on shrinking to make the game a lot more difficult for the players. Along with this, the enemies can get stronger too. So, as you keep advancing, you are going to find it really hard to battle it out. Of course, you will have to sharpen your skills too and ensure you stay at the top of your game as well.

The game comes with the best graphics and has the right animation. It allows you to truly immerse yourself in this gaming world. So, if you too are a pubg fan, we recommend you to download this standalone game. We are sure that you will be fully hooked to it as it calls for a lot of fun and engagement.

Let us know how hooked you are to this pubg universe.


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