Phasmophobia APK

Name Phasmophobia
Genres APK > Action, Early Access, Indie
Developers Kinetic Games
Publishers Kinetic Games
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Released Sep 18, 2020

Download Phasmophobia v2.9 APK for Android

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Download Phasmophobia v2.9 APK for Android
Download Phasmophobia v2.9 APK for Android
Download Phasmophobia v2.9 APK for Android

Phasmophobia Game Overview


Are you into horror games that can totally spook you out and make you gasp for air? If this is your genre, then phasmophobia might just be the game you are looking for. It is one of the perfect games out there that knows how to highlight the horror element and make things work. The game became a massive rage during the Halloween season because people love spooky stuff.

The developers have put in adequate efforts to ensure the game has the fun element interweaved with the horror tone. This makes it a very well balanced game that knows how to entice the gamers in the right manner.

Knowing the game details

This is essentially a horror survival game. You have to use the first person perspective for this game. You can choose to play it in the single player mode or also form a group of three people and huddle together in the multiplayer mode.

No matter whether you are playing solo or in group, your main task at hand is to spot the ghost who is haunting that site. It is easier said than done and a lot of moves are involved, but in the end, the game takes you a fun ride.

Interesting details

This game makes use of speech recognition. The different equipment present in the game and even the ghost can pick up words and conversations of what the gamers are talking. This truly gives them an edge and allows them to take the engagement and interaction level a notch higher.

Not only this, you have the option to pick from eight different paranormal investigators. You can go through the options and choose the one you will like to associate your game with. The game can be played at twelve different sites and each one has its own set of ghosts who are haunting the place.

It is advised to know some details of the game prehand. This will prepare you better in your quest and will boost your chance of securing a win. It has been mostly seen that people gave it a great review.

The feedback

This game stayed at the top of the charts all through the Halloween season as people just couldn’t have enough of it. Most gamers enjoyed it thoroughly and were of the option that it worked really well for them.

The graphics have been very well designed and seems to be on point. This is not all as even when it comes to the interface, sound effects, features, plot line; everything seems to be neatly done. So, if you live horror based survival games, we are surely going to recommend this one to you.

It will take just a few rounds of the game for you to know why it is so amazingly perfect! So, happy gaming.


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