Persona 5 Royal APK

Name Persona 5 Royal
Genres APK > RPG
Developers ATLUS
Publishers SEGA
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Released Oct 20, 2022

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Persona 5 Royal v2.11 APK for Android
Persona 5 Royal v2.11 APK for Android
Persona 5 Royal v2.11 APK for Android

Persona 5 Royal Game Overview

Persona 5 Royal is an excellent role-playing video game. It was published by Atlus. Released back in 2016, the game has managed to be very successful even now. You will find a lot of gamers hooked to this game even today. Such has been its terrific success that it was hailed as one of the greatest role-playing video games of all time.

This game managed to sell over 7.2 million copies worldwide and remains one of the top best sellers. There are a lot of factors that contributed to the whopping popularity of this game.

The different playing features

As a gamer, your main work is to play the role of a high school student. You will have the code name Joker. It has a social simulation gaming style here and there will be day-night checks and even the different weathers will continue to change. You have to factor in the weather and time slots to make the moves accordingly.

As a student, you will have a lot of things to do. There are different kinds of random events that will pop up. You need to participate in each one of them. You also need to engage in several part-time jobs as well.

Essentially, the gamer needs to keep himself very busy at all times. They have to continuously do something to keep things going forward. The more activities you indulge in, the more character attributes will be raised. This in turn will give you a passive buffing effect when a battle will take place.

The dungeon side play

The game is special for a lot of reasons. Apart from helping the student engage in day-to-day school life, there is dungeon-crawling gameplay too. The Joker can engage in this as a side kick too.

The game has a lot of randomly generated dragons. You will have to navigate through the dark dungeons and find your way out of it. There are enemy shadows that you will encounter and you can use stealth so as to fight them.

The game will also bring forth several puzzles that you need to need to solve. You can use the insight ability that has been termed the third eye. Using such powers, you can clear the puzzles and the mysteries and try to emerge victorious out of it all.

The graphics

The game comes with a lot of impressive graphics. Most gamers have been very hooked to this game and they have been impressed with what the developers had to offer. We believe that it is the intriguing graphics that has truly drawn the attention of gamers.

The overall review for the game has been largely positive and it continues to impress one and all. Those who are on the lookout for a game that seems a little different and is unique and impressive should surely try their hands at this one.

Download it right away and take a swing. Maybe, this is the kind of school all gamers want to go to.



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