Oxygen Not Included APK

Name Oxygen Not Included
Genres APK > Indie, Simulation
Developers Klei Entertainment
Publishers Klei Entertainment
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Released Jul 30, 2019

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Oxygen Not Included v3.11 Game for Android free
Oxygen Not Included v3.11 Game for Android free
Oxygen Not Included v3.11 Game for Android free
Oxygen Not Included v3.11 Game for Android free

Oxygen Not Included Game Overview


Oxygen not included is a simulation video game that is very popular among gamers. The game involves sci-fi of sorts as the gamers have crash-landed on an asteroid. The game takes the journey further from there.

As the gamers find themselves on an asteroid, their main work is to try and survive there. The best survival skills will be put to the test. The environment can be downright harsh and gamers will have to battle it out in order to find the right resources to help themselves.

The best survival strategies at play

When you are engaged in oxygen not included, you will find yourself implementing the best of survival strategies. As the name implies, the game is all about creating the right kind of efficient ventilation system. This will help you maintain the right air for breathing to ensure you don’t die of oxygen deficit. You also need to control your food intake, water balance, and power. There are things like waste disposal, temperature controls and more.

The game basically shows you how even some micro decisions end up cascading together to take part in bigger decisions. You have to learn the different management ways to create the right mark and give yourself the best shot at survival.

What makes this game different?

Unlike other survival games, this game is not just about balancing air and water. It takes survival to another level and you also need to participate in planning and problem solving too. The game is downright engaging and involves too many details. You need to look at the infrastructure too and create different things so as to ensure that life can be sustained.

The content is very deep and therefore has been applauded on several occasions. Most gamers who chose to play this game were taken aback at how articulately designed it was.

The interface and graphics

If you are one of those gamers who are very keen on analysing the interface offered and the graphics, you need to know that this is spot on. The developers have spent a lot of time to give you a truly rewarding interface and at the same time, it is well planned too. The graphics are neat and well-aligned and allows you to make the most of your gaming experience.

The game had mostly positive reviews because gamers were intrigued by the depth of the gameplay. The developers have put a lot of thought and effort into this game and it seemed to have worked really well. So, if you want to try your hand at a survival and simulation-based game, this one might seem to be exactly what you need.

Be prepared though you may end up binge-playing it for a really long time. So, happy playing!


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