Limbus Company APK

Name Limbus Company
Genres APK > Action, RPG, Strategy
Developers ProjectMoon
Publishers ProjectMoon
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Released Feb 26, 2023

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Download Limbus Company v3.7 APK for Android
Download Limbus Company v3.7 APK for Android
Download Limbus Company v3.7 APK for Android

Limbus Company Game Overview

Limbus company is modelled on the Gacha game system. It is therefore highly likely to make you spend some real-time money for the sake of advancing the levels. Made by Project Moon, a South Korean independent gaming studio, this game too has managed to strike a chord among gamers.

The core game

It is a relatively fresh game and even then has managed to catch the fancy of gamers. The game is set in a mysterious dystopian shared universe. The game revolves around the organisation called Limbus Company. 12 sinners form a group. Your job is to search the different branches of the corporation. These branches are badly ruined. Their main job is to recover the golden boughs.

The features

As a gamer, you will be one of the twelve sinners and you come with lots of skills and abilities. The sinners can take different identities. When the sinners are killed, you can still resurrect them. Navigating through the different beaches can both be gothic and downright scary. The developers have worked a lot on the graphics and it is likely that the gamers are going to notice it.

The game has a lot of in-app purchases and you are likely to make a few. It will be very hard to navigate the levels and move ahead without making the purchases. The underlying idea is to try and strike the right balance and to make as much progress as you can without spending too much.

You will come across several escaped abnormalities and so the game has somewhat paranormal elements integrated into it as well.

Knowing the sinners

When you are looking to ace this game, we recommend you spend some time trying to truly know the sinners well. The more you spend time, the better will be the odds of making it work. Every sinner has a story and a different skill set. So, it is upon you to dig into the details and find out what makes each of the sinner so strong.

You can use this knowledge to advance the game. You can try to emerge as a champion in the dark and mysterious world.

Download the game and try your hand now.


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