Grand Theft Auto V APK

Name Grand Theft Auto V
Genres APK > Action, Adventure
Developers Rockstar North
Publishers Rockstar Games
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Released Apr 13, 2015

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Grand Theft Auto V v3.8 Game for Android free
Grand Theft Auto V v3.8 Game for Android free
Grand Theft Auto V v3.8 Game for Android free
Grand Theft Auto V v3.8 Game for Android free
Grand Theft Auto V v3.8 Game for Android free

Grand Theft Auto V Game Overview

Grand Theft Auto V is a game that needs no separate introduction. We have all at some point or the other played this game and truly enjoyed it. A high-packed action adventure game, this one knows how to truly pack the right punch. The game is set in the state of California and follows three main leaders who need to perform bank heists under pressure.

The intriguing plotline

Grand theft auto managed to make a name for itself by offering the most intriguing plot line. Both shooting and driving form the core of the main sequences in this game. You have to be sure that you ace these skills if you want to champion the game.

There are several heist sequences that are a part of the game. You need to stay alert at all times and avoid being captured as you move along trying to give way to your plans. Like most of the other games, this one too offers the multiplayer mode. There is no denying the fact that the multiplayer mode is the one which seems to be the most popular one. As many as 30 different players can engage in different sequences one after the other and battle it out too.

Records and reviews

Such was the triumphant success of grand theft auto V, that this game managed to break several records. The game became the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. This in itself is proof of how it made everyone hooked.

However, it wasn’t far from its share of controversy either. As it portrayed a lot of violence, the game was considered not appropriate. It also showed abuse against women which was another controversial topic.

More than 180 million copies have been shipped and it is the second all-time highest-selling video game. So, the developers definitely had a lot to be happy about. This is not all as the gamers were keen on sharing their feedback. Therefore, this game got some of the rave reviews too.

The graphics offered by the game is spectacular, to say the least. The graphics element are on point and it truly drives you crazy. No matter whether you are robbing a place or dangerously driving a car to not be caught, the scenes are to die for. It gives you the real feel of doing so and this is another key reason for the astounding popularity of this game.

If you too would like to try your hand at one of the most popular video games of all time, make sure to download it right away. Be prepared to lose track of time though as it is the best that you can ask for. Stealing and robbing had never been so fun and addicting before. Most gamers believe that there is no other game that comes close to GTA when it boils down to the rush of adrenaline. So, try your hand and get kicking.


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