Dota 2 APK

Name Dota 2
Genres APK > Action, Free to Play, Strategy
Developers Valve
Publishers Valve
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Released Jul 9, 2013

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Dota 2 APK v2.11 Game for Android free
Dota 2 APK v2.11 Game for Android free
Dota 2 APK v2.11 Game for Android free
Dota 2 APK v2.11 Game for Android free

Dota 2 Game Overview

Want to play a battle arena game that is still mighty popular? Made by Valve, Dota 2 is one such game that has created the right ripple. It was launched back in 2013 but is pretty relevant and popular even now. You will find endless gamers hooked to this game even now. So, let us see what essentially makes it so popular.

The plot line and moves

In this game, there are two separate teams, each of which comprises five players. Your main objective is to destroy a large ancient structure. There are real-time strategy controls that you can use for the sake of moving ahead and thereby engaging in the right battle play.

There are as many as 124 different playable characters and it is upon the ten players to move and monitor them. Each of the characters is known as heroes and they all come with their own strengths and weaknesses. You have to understand each of them and then decide the right ways to make the most out of them. The roles can be widely categorised as core and support.

As the name suggests, it is largely upon the core heroes to carry the game ahead. The support ones don’t have a lot of power and are additional options. You also have a magic system integrated into the game.

The strategies and add-ons

The game comes with a lot of subplots and sub-moves. It is upon you to first give yourself time to understand the details and then implement each of the aspects. Every move will bring forth a lot of details for you.

So, when you are engaging in this battle game, make it a point to first understand our magic system, core players, support players, mana points, cool-down period and more. When you know all the details, the odds of succeeding are going to increase manifold.

The game comes with some of the most promising graphics and it is sure to draw you in. If you have a thing for action games which have a sort of battle sequences, this one seems to be really good and will serve your need in an impeccable manner.

We recommend you download this game right now and try your hand at it. Players can get very competitive and will keep you on the edge of their seats at all times. So, try your hand and take a swing.


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