Destiny 2 APK

Name Destiny 2
Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Free to Play
Developers Bungie
Publishers Bungie
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Released Oct 1, 2019

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Destiny 2 v2.3 APK + OBB Download
Destiny 2 v2.3 APK + OBB Download
Destiny 2 v2.3 APK + OBB Download
Destiny 2 v2.3 APK + OBB Download

Destiny 2 Game Overview

Destiny 2 is a shooting video game that can be played in the first person. While it was a paid game back in 2017, it became free to play in 2019. The game is set in a fictional science world and also imbibes some rôle playing elements as well.

Game types

There are two different ways by which you can play this game. You can choose to play it as gamer vs environment or even player versus player mode. Both the game types have their own characteristics and challenges to offer.

You have options like player strikes, raids. Gamers will also find dungeons to make things a whole lot more exciting. So, you can choose to play the game in objective-based mode or even opt for the deathmatch game mode as well. You have the provision to choose the way you like. Most gamers like to switch between different modes as this tends to ramp up the excitement factor by several notches.

Thick plot line

You essay the role of a guardian who needs to defend himself and the people against the enemy. There are other guardians top whose role may be to make a shield to offer adequate protection. So, the developers have definitely put in a lot of effort to make sure that they have given the players a lot to chew on.

As you keep clearing the different levels, you will be drawn to the game and will learn the various rules and stories. It has all the basic elements to keep you hooked till the very end. There is no denying the fact that gamers will be drawn and might play it for endless hours.

It does come with a lot of amazing upgrades. You will be surprised at the several elements that it has and every battle will bring out something new. The best thing about this game has to be the newness that it has to offer.

You also have the option to search for clans. You can team up with these clans and thereby conduct raids. These are super fun section and is a rage among gamers. In fact, it is the raid and the multiplayer mode of this game that has managed to be the most successful so far. It proves why people are so hooked on the game.

The reception and feedback

Overall, the game received largely positive reviews and fans were very happy with what they got. They were hooked to the game and it sold several copies. The gameplay and the graphics were notable mention and were largely praised. The developers managed to take a lot of money home too. This was a successful game and continues to be one of the top hits even now.  A large number of gamers still play this one on their console as opposed to some other new games in the market.

You can try your hand at it too and check if it is something you will like to be hooked to.


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