Cookie Clicker APK

Name Cookie Clicker
Genres APK > Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developers Orteil, DashNet
Publishers Playsaurus
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Released Sep 1, 2021

Cookie Clicker v2.2 APK for Android

Game Screenshots

Cookie Clicker v2.2 APK for Android
Cookie Clicker v2.2 APK for Android
Cookie Clicker v2.2 APK for Android
Cookie Clicker v2.2 APK for Android

Cookie Clicker Game Overview


Cookie Clicker is an incremental game that created quite a buzz when it was launched back in 2013. It is interesting to add that the original version of this game was coded in one single night and this fact is often applauded by a lot of developers and gamers.

What’s the buzz all about?

In this game, you start by clicking on a single big cookie. Every click fetches you a single cookie and you can use these earned cookies for biting different types of assets. The type of assets you can buy include buildings, grandma, banks, factories, and even cursors. This will help you produce more cookies and this keeps on going. This is why the game is called an incremental game.

The game is pretty decent as far as gameplay is concerned. It will keep you hooked for long hours. There are several upgrades and in-app purchases available too. You can choose to buy any of these if you are looking to proceed with your levels much more swiftly.

The prestige levels

The game also has something called prestige levels. When you manage to clinch the prestige levels, it will give a massive boost to the rate of cookie production. You get an increment of 1 percent per level and when you are a regular player, it makes quite a difference.

The game comes with smart designs and keeps on adding different elements to mix things up. After crossing a lot of levels, you will find that you can unlock different types of milk colours. This enhances the types of cookies you are making. You can also opt for kitten upgrades and this will have a significant telling on the kind of achievements you will be able to make.

So, the game surely has a lot to offer. It might not be the most happening game out there but if you are looking for something a lot more relaxing and yet good, this seems like a good option to choose. It seems to be a befitting choice for anyone who is looking to relax their time while spending an hour with their favourite games.

The game did have pretty decent reviews. So, try your hand at it.


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