Conan Exiles APK

Name Conan Exiles
Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Massively Multiplayer, RPG
Developers Funcom
Publishers Funcom
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Released 8. Mai 2018

Conan Exiles v2.6 APK + OBB Download

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Conan Exiles v2.6 APK + OBB Download
Conan Exiles v2.6 APK + OBB Download
Conan Exiles v2.6 APK + OBB Download

Conan Exiles Game Overview


Conan Exiles is a survival-based video game which is set in a fictional world. There is so much to do and see here and this game manages to be rated as one of the very best in its category. These days, a lot of gamers prefer to play survival games because it has so much to offer. The game knows how to keep the players hooked and that too for long.

The plot line

As a gamer, you will find yourself in the fictional world of Conan, the barbarian. As the game kickstarts, your character who is highly customisable will be saved by Conan. You are sentenced to exile and you need to navigate the different areas and ensure that you can survive even in the harsh climatic conditions. You will come across a lot of adversities and you need to continue working hard so as to contest your survival.

In a subsequent update that was added, a new biome was launched. This is called the frozen north. This gave gamers new lands to explore and armour was available. These could be used to further your journey of battle to survival. Further, the highlands was another biome that was added.

The integration of variety

One of the key reasons why this game has managed to be so popular is because of the variety. The developers make it a point to keep adding updates to the game. This gives a fresh perspective to the gamers. It allows them to try new strategies and they get the feel of using the same controls and playing a new game altogether.

The graphics and sound play

As far as the graphics and interface are concerned, this game manages to land quite a punch. It has been very neatly designed and comes with engaging and clear graphics. We feel it is one of the very best as far as survival games are concerned. You will be drawn by it and you may sometimes feel that you are actually a part of some desolate and forlorn place.

Most gamers found the graphics to be largely appealing and as realistic as one could possibly make it. Even the sound effects deserve a round of applause as they look pretty on point. The interface is good enough to be clearly understandable.

The verdict

Overall, if you are looking for a good survival game, we recommend you try this one out. It is surely perfect in a lot of ways. As new updates are integrated from time to time, it serves the need of the gamers. So, you too can take a shot and download this game.

We are pretty sure that you will find it to be one of the best survival games you have played in a really long time. It is really good and recommended.


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