Bloons TD 6 APK

Name Bloons TD 6
Genres APK > Strategy
Developers Ninja Kiwi
Publishers Ninja Kiwi
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Released Dec 17, 2018

Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free

Game Screenshots

Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free
Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free
Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free
Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free
Bloons TD 6 v1.4.60 Game for Android free

Bloons TD 6 Game Overview


Bloons TD 6 is an excellent tower defense game. As the name implies, it is the sixth instalment in this series and has managed to strike the right chord among gamers. While most of the precious instalments were mainly 2D versions, this one has a 2.5D perspective. The game makes use of some of the most amazing 3D computer graphics.

You can choose to play this game in the co-op mode. There are a lot of different things you can use for the sake of creating a defence layer. This can be used to stop the attack and thereby allows you to level up the game significantly.

Defeating the bloons

In this game, all you mainly need to do is pop the bloons. It is easier said than done. The bloons can spawn in several waves and they can also choose to travel along a certain path. So, you have to be on your best game for the sake of understanding how the bloons are going to behave. There are also different types of structures, traps, and even super monkeys that are available.

The presence of such items and things ensures that you can put forth a strong response and be hopeful of making the right mark.

The special event

Like the previous instalment, you will find the occurrence of super blooms here. The super bloons can be very hard to defeat and so you need to put forth your best game for the sake of popping it up. It has a lot of health and so you have to be sure that you are working on your game strategies in the right manner.

The feedback

This game managed to get some very decent feedback. The overall reviews were decent and pretty positive. Despite the average graphics as it isn’t the most dynamic game out there, it managed to make quite a mark. There are a lot of gamers who are keen on playing it. So, if you are looking to truly enjoy your time, make sure to download this one and try it.


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