Battlefield™ V APK

Name Battlefield™ V
Genres APK > Action
Developers DICE
Publishers Electronic Arts
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Released Oct 22, 2020

Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android

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Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android
Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android
Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android
Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android
Download Battlefield™ V v4.6 APK for Android

Battlefield™ V Game Overview


Battlefield V is a first-person shooter game that has managed to be very popular among gamers. The game primarily is based on the second world war and continues right from where the previous instalment left off. The game didn’t create as huge hype as it was supposed to but it still managed to sell a decent number of copies.

Understanding the gameplay

You need to keep an eye on the details of the different features and moves offered by the game. This will allow you to truly stay at the top of your game. The game makes use of a great deal of party-based features and mechanics.

The introductory episode will familiarise you with what you have access to and the current story so far. You will learn about tanks and the working methods of planes and infantry so that you can use them meticulously.

There are details of the war scenes and it prepares you for the mass shooting that follows. You will find yourself facing massive attacks and will be in the thick of the battlefield. Remember the lessons well and move the tanks and weapons to launch the right attack.

Player modes and customization

Not only this, it gives you plenty of hold as far as customization is concerned. You can use weapons and cosmetic options and thereby create different types of characters. In order to buy skins and weapons, you can use coins that you get by completing goals and objectives. At the same time, you can also choose to buy the currency and splurge on character items as well.

The game comes with different playing modes. You have the cooperative mode that was not seen for a long time. Here, as many as four players can take a mission together and it truly brings out the team spirit and lets you build the right gaming camaraderie. It is also great for novices who are still looking to get a hang of the game.

Further, you have the tactical conquest option as well. Here, you need to hold on to your points and capture more of them. Your opponent will also try to do the same and one has to see who manages to outdo the other. The game can get fiercely competitive and you will be at the edge of your seat at all times.

The feedback

The game opened to mixed reviews when the trailer was launched. Gamers found it to be a half-hearted attempt. However, when it was finally released, it seemed like a decent draw and managed to sell quite a lot of copies. However, overall, it was nowhere close to what the developers had anticipated. Gamers asked for more depth, variations, and thicker plot lines as well. This could revamp the future of the game.

So, if you would like to try your hand once to see what this game has to offer, download it and check. It’s worth one round of try at least.


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