Battlefield™ 2042 APK

Name Battlefield™ 2042
Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Casual
Developers DICE
Publishers Electronic Arts
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Released Nov 19, 2021

Battlefield™ 2042 v3.4.93 Game for Android free

Game Screenshots

Battlefield™ 2042 v3.4.93 Game for Android free
Battlefield™ 2042 v3.4.93 Game for Android free
Battlefield™ 2042 v3.4.93 Game for Android free
Battlefield™ 2042 v3.4.93 Game for Android free

Battlefield™ 2042 Game Overview


Battlefield 2042 is a first person style shooter game. This game cannot be played in the single player mode and only supports the multiplayer mode. You can also enjoy cross platform play with this game too.

The futuristic style of weapons

As the game is set some time in the future, you will find that it will give you access to futuristic weapons. There are drones and even deplorable turrets. The weapons give you a pretty sci-fi feel. Not only this, the game also comes with a plus feature. This feature ensures that you can customize the arms and weapons in the way you desire. This gives you an upper edge and allows you to have full control over your weapons and gameplay.

There are four different categories of gameplay namely assault, engineer, medic, and recon. These categories ensure that you will be able to essay the role you deem fit. Every operator comes with their own skills set and have unique characteristics that you can put to right use. It is upon you to decide the best ways by which you can navigate the game.

The feedback

The game received mixed reviews. A lot of gamers complained that this game had severe technical issues and one didn’t find it very addicting and appealing. Gamers were disappointed as they even found that the first instalment was better than the current one. So, definitely the developers have some serious work to do.

There are tons of shooting games out there and it is important to find the one that appeals to you. If you are not willing to fiddle a lot with controls and would like a simpler game, we will recommend you to check this one out. It does seem pretty decent. The technical issues might see an upgrade sometime soon.

So, you can download this game and give it a try. We believe that it is definitely one of the decent shooting game with okay controls if not excellent.


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