Apex Legends™ APK

Name Apex Legends™
Genres APK > Action, Adventure, Free to Play
Developers Respawn Entertainment
Publishers Electronic Arts
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Released Nov 4, 2020

Download Apex Legends™ v2.3 APK for Android

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Download Apex Legends™ v2.3 APK for Android
Download Apex Legends™ v2.3 APK for Android
Download Apex Legends™ v2.3 APK for Android
Download Apex Legends™ v2.3 APK for Android

Apex Legends™ Game Overview


Apex Legends is a very popular shooter game that can be played on a wide variety of platforms. In order to increase the fun element and the competitive spirit, it also offers cross-platform play. This has really increased the overall gaming quotient.

The gaming details

Players need to huddle together and make a squad comprising two or three players. Along with this, there are different characters, each of which comes with several abilities different from the others.

Along with this, the game comes with two different play modes. The battle royale is one of the popular modes. In this mode, as many as twenty or thirty squads land on an island. The idea is to battle it out and look for different types of weapons and supplies. This is done to ensure that one can gain supremacy over the other.

In order to increase the complexity of the game, the island’s area keeps on decreasing. This will make it harder for the players to battle. This will decrease the land area and the battle will get much more complex. If the squad ends up being outside the play area, it can be very deadly for them.

Eventually, the squad that manages to survive is the one that manages to win. So, the game surely knows how to keep the users engaged.

The reviews and feedback

Ever since the game was released, it managed to get fairly positive reviews. People were pleased with the design and interface of the game. Even when it comes to the graphics, the gamers were fairly happy with what the developers had to offer.

The developers too always make it a point to channelise the feedback and incorporate it to give better results to the gamers. This is one such shooter game that evolves to be a lot more than just another shooting game.

So, if you love such high-action-packed games that have a lot to offer, we believe that it is Apex Legends that seem to be a good choice. You can also play it on your mobile and it comes with the touchscreen version too.

Overall, of all the different shooter games we have played, we feel this one is richer in several aspects. The game packs several exciting elements and knows how to keep gamers on the edge of their seat. There are a lot of strategies and survival-based action moves involved too. So, go ahead and download this game to have a go.


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