Hello and welcome to Abandogames.com! This website is made by me, Andrew Flores. I am 34 years old and I love games.

Andrew Flores (Founder)

I found out that not all PC games can be played on Android phones. I wanted to fix this, so I started Abandogames.com. On this website, I share PC games that you can play on your Android phone.

I make sure all games are from places you can trust. There are lots of types of games on my website. You can find action games, adventure games, and even your old favorite PC games.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay to download these games. They are free! And I add new games every day.

Abandogames.com is not just a website for me. It’s my way to share my love of games with you. I am happy that I can help people play their favorite PC games on their phones.

Meet our Team

Terry Brown (Writer)

Say hello to Terry Brown. She loves games and loves writing about them. For 3 years, Terry has been sharing her game adventures in her stories.

Terry is a girl who really likes playing games and writing. She has been writing for 3 years now.

When Terry was a little girl, she loved all kinds of games. Racing cars, going on quests, she did it all. Terry had so much fun, she wanted to share it by writing stories about these games!

When Terry writes, every story is like a new game. Every sentence is a step towards winning, and each word is like a shiny gold coin. Terry’s writing is full of fun!

Jason Hayes
Jason Hayes (Developer)

Jason Hayes, an experienced Android developer with 5+ years of experience.

At abandogames.com, Jason uses his professional skills to create and share new content, making complex coding appear seamless.

For Jason, writing code is like going on an adventure or solving a fun puzzle.

He loves coding and making games.

He keeps making fun games for Android that everyone can enjoy.


So, come explore Abandogames.com. Find your favorite game, download it, and start playing. Enjoy, and happy gaming!